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US Congressman Ro Khanna for Leadership Sunnyvale

More testimonials:

“For me Leadership Sunnyvale was both a life and career changing moment. The program was the start of my path to completing my college degree and eventual promotion. Everything I learned and the relationships I developed have benefited me personally and professionally. The program was well worth my effort and time.”


Shawn Ahearn, Class of 2006

Captain, Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety



“Leadership Sunnyvale was a great forum in which to learn about the ‘inner workings’ of the city and being able to meet and network with a variety of community residents and business members. Four years after graduation I still have contact with those connections I made in Leadership Sunnyvale.”


Dave Pitts, Class of 2011

Deputy Chief, Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety



“Leadership Sunnyvale is a great way to learn more about Sunnyvale and be an engaged citizen. If you want to know more about the city or have a bigger effect on how it managed and grows, Leadership Sunnyvale is a great tool to accomplish that.”


John Cordes, Class of 2015

Chapter Director, Sierra Club



“Leadership Sunnyvale gave me an insight into the city from daily operations to election cycle. Driving down the road, especially for outsiders, it’s easy to miss where Sunnyvale begins or ends. This program showed me the city from historic background at founding, through city planning and to its present structure. The executive leadership coaching was an additional bonus for personal growth. Thank you to staff, students and alumni.”


Mark Zakner, Class of 2015

Contracts Negotiator, Department of Defense


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