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Leadership Sunnyvale builds capacity for effective and principled leadership in our communities.
Looking to Learn More About the Community Around You?

We strive to identify emerging leaders throughout the greater Sunnyvale community and facilitate educating each class in a broad range of issues vital to the business, local government, education and nonprofit communities. We do this by providing an inside look at various component of our community- business, government, education, human services, public safety, health, housing, jobs, transportation and environmental services among them.  And we provide leadership skills training to improve each participant’s ability to navigate through their career and lives more effectively.  We provide each class with contact to a host of individuals with expertise in subjects necessary to support a thriving economy and well-run community.


In addition to coursework, members of each Leadership Sunnyvale class will select and complete a class project that benefits the community and Leadership Sunnyvale.  All class members are expected to participate in the design, execution and completion of the project.

Each year Leadership Sunnyvale selects up to 30 participants from the local community’s business, professional, government, social and service organizations who have demonstrated interest in the community and have displayed potential as an emerging leader in their business or private life.


Leadership Sunnyvale’s goal is to provide program graduates with:

  • Awareness of the community, its resources, opportunities, needs and challenges

  • Awareness of the local government agencies, their policies, operations and processes

  • Training in leadership skills and practices necessary for successful community engagement

  • Connections with the community, government agencies, elected officials and business leaders, allowing them to build their professional networks for their chosen path(s) of community service and leadership

Leadership Sunnyvale is a 501(c)3 California not-for-profit public benefit corporation.


Leadership Sunnyvale is led by an Executive Director (who manages the Leadership Sunnyvale program) and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of alumni and other informed citizens.  We aim to keep our alumni engaged throughout their lives and provide value to Sunnyvale’s and Silicon Valley’s greater community of businesses, local government and other organizations.

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