Pay Tuition Online

Welcome to Leadership Sunnyvale!  Join us for an exciting year of Civic tours, introductions to Community Leaders, and Leadership explorations.  Classes start September 10, 2021, and complete at the end of May or beginning of June 2022.  We will typically hold 1 full day per month face-to-face, typically 2nd or 3rd Friday, plus one Thursday evening following in Zoom.  

Much of our foundational work will be ‘front loaded,’ so a few additional classes up-front.  You will have some special events like simulations and Book Talks that will be online.  There will also be optional events that will be either on-line or face-to-face.

Our curriculum page has last year’s curriculum to give you an idea of classes while we are confirming our 2021-22 topics, times and dates.

When completing the application please respond to each question in the space provided. Complete each section of the application before submitting. All information will be held in confidence and is never sold or shared.

All applications will be processed upon receipt followed by an informational interview (if necessary).  Tuition is $1,600.