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Message from the ED

Hello Alumni and Friends,

Welcome to the ever-evolving world of Leadership Sunnyvale. We are co-creating hopeful futures!

The Class of 2023 launched in September. It is so wonderful to meet in-person and have the option to
Zoom. We have the best of both worlds.

Our leadership model has shifted from the corporate-hierarchical, to community-led, which requires
collaboration, cooperation, the ability to work with differences, and a large dash of talent for listening
and “herding cats.” It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s effective!

This year concludes the initial rounds of Sunnyvale City Council elections with district candidates. All 3
districts in this cycle will have alumni as their representatives. All our Sustainability Commissioners are
alumni. Many volunteers and influencers in Sunnyvale are alumni. You all are certainly having a positive effect in our communities!

While we have only been able to engage minimally with our alumni and friends over the last several
years. Plans are to increase our activities for more inclusion of both community and alumni. You
continue to enhance our city with your contributions.

What more could we ask? Hmmm, how about letting us know your successes? You could let us know
where we helped, too. Join our LinkedIn group and share resources and events, we will, too!

We have a wonderful community, and a lot to offer each other and our region. Join us!


2015-11-10 rotary.jpg
Executive Director 

Tara Martin-Milius

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