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Program Curriculum

Leadership Sunnyvale's program will run from October 2018 through May 2019.  The curriculum consists of monthly full-day seminars (scheduled on the second or third Friday of the month from 8:30a - 4:30p), followed by 2-4 hour leadership skills workshops (the next morning 8:30a - 12:30p).

In addition to the curriculum, participants will develop and deliver class projects, typically in groups of 4 to 6.  These projects are intended to require 2-4 hours per month of effort per participant.


We continually evaluate the curriculum and schedule to ensure that we provide current content and a reasonable schedule to attendees. Take a look at our 2018-19 schedule below.

2018-19 Classes and Workshops *

​Oct 19, 20—Third Friday—week after Columbus Day, week before Halloween​

Fri 10/19/18 –  Character of the City Day (third Friday)

Sat 10/20/18 –  Balancing Land Use Decisions—Leadership Day

Nov 9, 10—Second Friday—before both Veterans Day and Thanksgiving

Fri 11/09/18 –  Government Day—Civic Day

Sat 11/10/18 –  Campaigning workshop - Leadership Day

Dec 14, 15—Second Friday—Two weeks before Christmas, CSBA conference ends Dec 1, 2018

Fri 12/14/18 –  Education Day—Civic Day

Sat 12/15/18 –  Leading Change Workshop—Leadership Day

Jan 11, 12—Second Friday—Martin Luther King Day follows Third Friday— Strategic Session a scheduled day of learning—usually a Friday toward the end of the month, Jan 18 or 25 TBD by City

Fri 01/19/19 –  Human Services Day—Civic Day

Sat 01/20/19 –  Societal Issues and Non-Profits—Leadership Day

Fri 01/18 or 25 - Sunnyvale Strategic Workshop—Leadership—TBD

Feb 8, 9--Second Friday—Third week is Presidents Day—The Budget workshop and Study Session, a scheduled day of learning—Was scheduled on Feb 16, 2017—will be scheduled toward end of Feb., probably Feb 15 or 22 TBD by City

Fri 02/08/19 –  Business Day—Civic Day

Sat 02/09/19 –  Presentation Skills for Leaders—Leadership Day

Fri 02/15 or 22 - Budget and Study Session Workshop—Leadership—TBD

Mar 22, 23—Third Friday

Fri 03/22/19 –  Public Safety Day—Civic Day

Sat 03/23/19 –  Neighborhood Organization Workshop—Leadership workshop

Apr 19, 20—Second Friday:   Easter Weekend—Third Friday

Fri 04/12/19 –  Health, Housing, Jobs and Transportation—Civic Day

Sat 04/13/19 –  Conflict Management Workshop—Leadership Day

May 17, 18—Third Friday

Fri 05/17/19 –  Environment Day—Civic Workshop

Sat 05/18/19 –  Telling your Story (media)—Leadership Workshop 

Sat 05/18/19 –  Graduation Event  (2-4PM)

* subject to change (dates will only change in the case of conflict)

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